file formates and file extensions
GAEB 90:d81, d82, d83, d84, d85, d86
GAEB 2000:p81, p82, p83, p84, p85, p86, p89, p93, p94
GAEB XML:x81, x82, x83, x84, x85, x86
MS Excel:xls, xlsx, xlsm
MS Word:doc, docx, txt, rtf, htm, html, pdf
MS Access:mdb, accdb
OeNorm:dtn, onlv
Datanorm:000-999, wrg, rab
REB:d11, d1e, d12
XML-API:tml, xml

Information about the GAEB-Converter and (its) interfaces

Our videos (in german) are a “step to step" instruction for using GAEB-Converter.

The GAEB-Converter is build up modularly, as a result it customizes users’ needs.

To obtain more information about single modules, click on the appropriate area of the graph or read the short-manual (additional information in german).
GAEB-Konverter Videos

GAEB - Schnittstellen Der GAEB-Konverter GAEB Dateien GAEB und Excel GAEB und Access GAEB und Word GAEB Druck GAEB und dBase Aufmass ÖNorm Kalkulation mit EFB-Blätter 221 und 223 UGL und DataNorm externe Datenanbindung STLB - dynamische Baudaten